Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Mom Mood During Winter

A mother and her son look out the window in the mountains. Top 10 ways to boost your mom mood during the winter months.

Taking in the mountain sights. Little man looks like he’s trying to make a break for it…


Treat your mom self

Hey there momma, I’m wondering if you feel the same way? No matter where you live or what type of winter you have, it seems as though there are times during the cold, winter months where it is more difficult to do our mom duties with joy and excitement.

In Colorado, we typically have a lot of cold weather and some snow, making it tough to get outside, go to the park, or travel for play dates. This means the kiddos are cooped up inside, not able to ride their bikes or go for walks or get out their energy. Also it means that for moms, the adult interaction is limited. There is only so much chatting with babies, pets, and other inanimate objects around the house that one can take… don’t pretend like you don’t understand what I’m talking about. :))

So, dear mom friend, if you find yourself getting down or experiencing the winter blues, I am sharing with you my top 10 best ways to boost your mom mood during winter. These are all things you can do for yourself, but some may require the help of a spouse or someone to watch your children.

Two little boys looking out a big window. Top 10 ways to boost your mom mood during winter.

Don’t let this pic fool you, it’s probably about 7 degrees outside….


Three Basic Mom Needs

#1 Mental Health

#2 Physical Health

#3 Spiritual Health

or as I like to explain it:

#1 Shopping, beauty, and goal setting

#2 Exercise and food choices

#3 Quiet time and alone time

Inside view of a window pane looking out on to cold, snow-covered trees during winter in Colorado. Top 10 ways to boost your mom mood during winter.

Ain’t going out there…. nope.


Addressing a Mom’s Needs

If we keep in mind that all of us moms are really just humans, we all have the three basic needs listed above. I have found that when I need a good mood boost, what I really need is to allow myself to think about just myself for a small amount of time each day. Then I fulfill one of the needs above, and instantly I feel my mood improving.

If this sounds a little like you, it’s perfectly normal! I think as moms we tend to put others first in just about every situation. ‘Others’ being kids, spouse, family, friends, etc. This list of 10 ways to boost your mom mood during winter has some ideas that can actually work for us mommas to set our minds and bodies back on the right track. This is especially important during those dark, cold, sometimes isolating winter months.

Black hunter boots in snow with tall white knee high socks to keep feet warm.

I mean, where would we be without our Hunter boots?


10 ways to boost your mom mood during winter

*in no particular order

10. Retail therapy

This is one of my favorite ways to boost my mom mood. Probably also the reason it’s first on the list and the reason I had to have a part-time job for a while there… You really don’t have to spend a lot of money though. Shop the sales and grab yourself some new shoes, a cute sweater, or a beautiful new handbag. Maybe you have a holiday gift card or two. Use that to buy a new coffee mug or pair of earrings. Find something to purchase during the post holiday sales that puts a smile on your face every day, no matter the circumstances!

9. Daily 20-30 min exercise routine

Just a short workout each day will do wonders for your mental and physical health. It doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly strenuous. If you commit to 20 mins of exercise a day, your mind and body will thank you. Walking, jogging, squats, pushups, jumping jacks, leg lifts, etc. etc. We also purchased a similar Pro Form Elliptical a few years ago, and it is perfect for home cardio workouts when it’s too cold to get outside. (Will be talking ALL about our elliptical in another post coming soon….)

8. Schedule a free makeup consultation

You guys. The majority of department stores that have makeup services offer free makeovers or makeup consultations. I highly encourage you to schedule one of these, and be sure to ask if a purchase is required before showing up.

One of the most amazing days I had right after my second son was born (in Feb of course) was a free makeover at the Christian Dior counter at our local Dillard’s. It did wonders for my appearance and self-esteem. Not to mention, you get to use and try out all of their beautiful products. Definitely put this on your mommy to-do list. You will thank me later!

7. Redecorate the house

I may be a little bias as a stay at home mom right now, but I’m am a l w a y s in ma house. Which means, I see my walls, my kitchen, my living room, all day, errryy day. A little redecorating or even rearranging the furniture, can give you all the happy thoughts when you walk into your home. It’s new, different, and a fun way to put your mind on something besides the daily grind.

6. Free kids trial classes

Snow days, holidays, sick days… Sometimes what a mom needs is for the kiddos to be entertained by someone else! Search around your local kids’ gyms, sports leagues, libraries, and you will most likely find something that can entertain them.

Often these places offer free trial classes. So if you are in a tight financial state or not sure if you want to commit, at least you have somewhere to take the kiddos for a morning or afternoon.

Amazon Free Time is a great option to keep your kiddos busy and learning as well. It’s only $2.99/mo, and include access to 16,000 kids books, videos, and apps. Click the banner below to sign up for your F R E E 30-day unlimited trial. I mean, free is always good in my book!

5. Weekly goal setting

Setting a weekly goal for oneself does not come naturally to a lot of people. And it’s something that’s second nature to others. Despite where you might weigh in on that issue, I find that weekly goals are the perfect way for me to give myself a measurable, attainable goal and challenge. A week goes by so quickly, and it’s fun to set a goal for yourself and see where you are at the end of the week.

I have set weekly challenges for myself for everything from exercise routines, diet, quiet time, activities with my kids, saving or making money, the list goes on and on… did I mention I am a teensy bit competitive? Buuuttt when you’re competing with yourself, you will only improve yourself, amiright? See what I did there. #logical

4. 20-30 min quiet time every day

Every momma should commit to a 20-30 min break for some quiet time all by herself. I realize that sometimes with all of the chaos, it can be difficult to make that happen! Funny story, I follow this lovely fashion blogger and sweet momma over at (She’s great ya’ll, such cute style!) I will never forget reading her post about her daily schedule and how she takes two showers a day (non-negotiable). LOL It made me laugh because I LOVE my shower time! It’s the only time during the day that I am utterly and completely by myself. :))

Spending time with just yourself and your thoughts is precious in this era of constant stimulation. Sometimes I do some deep stretching or listen to music. You can read a daily devotional, write in a gratitude journal, or use your time for reflections. I sometimes spend my time in prayer- for my family, life, guidance, wisdom, relationships, you name it. It always helps me to be more mindful of others, and my purpose here on earth.

3. Make one new mom friend

Making friends isn’t just for kids. Sometimes a new mom friend is just what you need to boost your mom mood. I like to have mom friends. These are the people in my life who are in the trenches along side me. They understand just about any situation I could find myself in. At times, you just need someone who can relate to you and not be judgmental. Find a new friend!

2. Plan ahead

I find that if I focus on the upcoming spring and summer seasons, it helps me turn my thoughts towards the positive. So go ahead and start planning that spring break trip or that ski vacation. It’s a sure fire way to boost your mom mood. I mean, I am already planning our anniversary trip… it’s in July.

1. Schedule a date with yourself

I have just recently started doing this. And it’s fantastic! I try to schedule once a week to have about a 2-4 hour block of time all to myself. Make sure to SCHEDULE it because if you’re like me, it will not happen unless it’s on the calendar. Typically, I leave the kiddos with the hubs and head out shopping… because I mean, retail therapy!

You could use this time to do whatever you’re into. Sometimes I get a mani/pedi or go for a long, leisurely jog all. by. myself. No stroller to lug around, no sibling rivalries to squelch, and no stopping to pick up dropped toys along the way. Whatever you choose to do, I highly recommend this weekly date with your mom self!

Winter snow falls on a wood pile.

Make sure you have lots of these babies stacked and ready to go!

Stay strong this winter, momma! I sincerely hope you can use this list to make the most out of your winter months. I have found that the ultimate mom mood booster is really just to show yourself a little love. We all love our kids infinitely, but sometimes, we need to remember that we are No. 1. And they literally wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for us. 😉

Happy mommin friends,