Toddler Snow Sled Roundup

Brothers sledding down the hill during a snowstorm.

Brothers sledding down the hill during a snowstorm.


Toddler Snow Sled Roundup

Let’s talk S L E D D I N G! It’s by far one of my favorite snow-day activities with our toddlers. I never knew the magic of sledding until moving to Colorado. We just didn’t get enough snow for epic sledventures growing up in Texas.

And truth be told, our first winter in Colorado, I was pregnant with our oldest son and probably wasn’t supposed to be sledding down a hill in a blizzard. I did it anyway! That’s the first time I experienced the magic of the sled. And from that moment on, I knew that sledding was something we would do every winter. Now it’s even better because we have little ones whose faces light up with excitement every time we go. I can’t get enough!

We have used several types of sleds throughout the years. Today we are rounding up 3 of our favorite, affordable sled options and why we recommend them. I hope you will join in the fun with your tribe and plan your next sledventure!

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Two young boys carry their blue sleds back up a snowy sled hill.

Carrying them back up the sledding hill.


Two toddlers sledding down a snowy hill.

My toddlers sledding down the snowy hill. They love it!


Sled Pick #1  |  Toddler – Adult


Lucky Bums Snow Sled Winter Toboggan

>has a rope and handles for gripping

>has a bucket-shaped seat that we know from personal experience can fit up to three people. (not sure that is recommended though… )

>durable and long-lasting


Sled Pick #2  |  Toddler – Big Kid


Flexible Flyer Aurora Foam Snow Sled

>meant for toddler to older kiddos

>doesn’t take up much room and lightweight for carrying back up sledding hill

>handles on both sides


Sled Pick #3  |  Infant – Toddler


Paricon Toddler Boggan Sleds

>if you need something with a seatbelt for an infant, these are awesome

>safety is first for this sled

>durable and long-lasting


Happy Sledding Friends,




Additional sled options–>>

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