From Bright Lights to Mountain Sights

Clouds rolling in over the purple mountains of Colorado.

Clouds rolling in over the mountains of Colorado.

Growing up in Dallas, TX, I have experienced many of the things that a big city has to offer. I have eaten in amazing restaurants, walked the streets of downtown, shopped in trendy boutiques, enjoyed musicals and theater, and browsed art galleries and museums. We were always finding the newest hot spot, fanciest shop, or place to be seen around town.

At night, my eyes saw millions of bright lights, and during the day, my ears heard sounds of traffic, crowds, and sirens.

Beauty in Nature

From the time I was young, I knew there was a beauty in nature that I was drawn to inexplicably. There was a small lake near our neighborhood in the city, and I would jog down to it and just sit and enjoy the peace and quiet that the scene provided. I have fond memories of sitting outside with family, taking walks through the neighborhood, looking at butterflies and insects.

Snowy views are probably my favorite thing!

Snowy views are probably my favorite thing!

We grew veggies and herbs in our garden and stacked logs for our fireplace [for the two nights a year that temps were cold enough to have a fire because, Texas]. There were many things that I enjoyed about life in Texas, and I love to be able to say that that is where I grew up.

My first trip to the mountains was with my family at an early age during summertime. I remember driving away from Colorado after a fun-filled week of adventure with the fam thinking, “Why does anyone live anywhere else, this place is beautiful!”

Home Sweet Mountain Home

Fast forward about 20 years, and my husband and I are now lucky enough to call the beautiful state of Colorado our home. The mountains, colors, wildlife, it’s all such an inspiration.

There are plenty of opportunities here to get out in nature and experience amazing events. Things like seeing two mule deer bucks fighting in the woods, hearing an elk bugle for the first time, and watching baby antelope running after their momma.

These are moments I will never forget. It’s moments like these that inspire me to share my stories with you!

Pronghorn antelope running through the plains of Colorado.

Antelope running through the plains of Colorado.

A Different Perspective

Let me be clear, I still live in a city. It’s no Dallas, but I still hear sounds of the city on a regular basis. When we get out into the mountains, those are the feelings that have changed my life.

It’s the feeling of being around something so much bigger than yourself that you feel small and great at the same time.

You see very clearly that you are just a simple human, living a simple life, trying to enjoy the time you have. Hot spots, fancy dining, shops, and office buildings melt away. You’re left with a peaceful reflection of the life you have and what is important to you.

Dreamy views on one of our Colorado road trips.

Dreamy views on one of our Colorado road trips.

Into the Woods

I honestly think that the thing I get the most joy out of when stepping away from our busy life into the woods is the silence of it all and the unpredictability of what you might find. There really isn’t a schedule, no set routines, no one barking orders, or making you follow rules. Everything just adapts to the moment. You are in a world that doesn’t live by the standards or expectations of society.

There is no pressure to spend money, make money, or even to have money. You are not inferior or superior to any person, and you don’t have to care what anyone thinks about you.

All are equal in the natural world. Humans are human, plants are plants, trees are trees, rivers are rivers, and animals are animals.

It’s real. And it’s lovely.

Find Your Woods

I challenge you to find your woods. Where can you go to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature? Where can you go to view wildlife in its natural environment? Where can you walk by yourself and not hear sounds of city life?